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In April 2005 The Scotsman published an excellent and detailed interview with Sam that encapsulates her career and contains a few new observations with hardly any mistakes (Essex-raised...?), plus a hint of what's coming along.

January 2005 saw not one but two interviews with Sam published on the internet:

The Metro News' One Minute Interview is much longer than one minute and asked some decent, unusual and interesting questions, getting replies that veer dramatically from the deliciously silly to the delicately personal.

The Times' Life, Etc. interview is Sam's most personal and revealing interview by far. Never one to shy away from honesty, an uncharacteristically melancholy Sam examines her life, family and relationships with a frankness that we've come to expect but which never ceases to surprise us. [Note: in the penultimate paragraph, "1993" should be "2003"]

In February 2005 Dave Rotheray has a few heartwarming thoughts about Sam whilst discussing their collaboration Homespun in Whisperin & Hollerin internet magazine.

Going back a little further:

BBC London's Tayfun interview in April 2003 was Sam's first and so far only filmed web-cast. She talked about the importance of her music, her family and the deficiencies of the music industry. Halfway through she pulled out her ukulele and sang a bit of the sweet "Kiss Of Love".

In March 2003 Sam was Liz Kershaw's guest on BBC [Radio] 6 Music for half an hour of charming, witty and mildly vulgar chat plus some records in the It's My Party slot which a couple of enterprising Sam fans captured in MP3 format here: (Thanks to Giles and Spongey) One day we'll get around to transcribing it for you...

In February 2003 Sam was live on BBC Radio 2 for about an hour with Mark Lamarr chatting about her music, family and upbringing, although it was mostly irreverent cockney banter. Again you can find the complete show here in MP3 format: (Thanks again to Giles and Spongey)

Sam has also been known to do the odd interview in the past and we intend to put some of them here for you. The odder the better.

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